Howard Jacobson is one of Britain's most acclaimed authors.

Including "Pussy" he has written fifteen novels and five works of non-fiction. He has also scripted television programs and two of his non-fiction books were adapted and produced as television series. In addition to writing books, Jacobson is also a noted columnist. For nearly twenty years he contributed a weekly column for the UK newspaper The Independent. He is now an op-ed contributor to the New York Times.

In 2010 he won the United Kingdom's most distinguished literary award - the Man Booker Prize (as prestigious in the literary world as the USA's Pulitzer Prize for Fiction) for "The Finkler Question".

He was subsequently short-listed for the prize again in 2014 for his novel "J". He had twice previously been 'longlisted' for the Booker Prize - for "Who's Sorry Now?" (2002) and "Kalooki Nights" (2006). He has twice won the UK's award for best comic literature - the Bollinger Everyman Wodehouse Prize (named in honor of humorist P. G. Wodehouse) an award he won for "The Mighty Walzer" (2000) and "Zoo Time" (2013).

Because he is known for writing comic novels that often revolve around British-Jewish characters he has occasionally been described as "the English Philip Roth". Jacobson has quipped that he prefers to be thought of as "a Jewish Jane Austen".

"People think I'm steeped in the American Jewish novel. I'm not. I've read them. I admire them. But I'm steeped in English lit. My favourite writer is Dr. Johnson... my favourite comic writer is Dickens."

Jacobson was born in 1942 in the city of Manchester, England. He studied English at Downing College, Cambridge under the noted literary critic F. R. Leavis. Prior to writing his first novel at the age of 40, he lectured at various universities including Sydney and Cambridge. He lives in Central London with his wife, documentary-maker Jenny De Yong.

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